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Raniero currently manufactures forklifts in the following classes:

  • Electric forklifts 3.500 up to 6.000 kg
  • Electric forklifts 7.000 kg up to 15.000 kg
  • Electric forklifts 16.000 kg up to 25.000 kg
  • Electric container handling forklifts up to 15.000 kg
  • LPG and diesel powered forklifts up to 25.000 kg


Raniero forklifts differ in many ways from other forklifts brands, especially in the use of innovative concepts and in the possibility to make all kinds of customer-specific modifications.

A Raniero forklift is characterized by:

  • Excellent user-control options
  • Ergonomically designed entry-step
  • Uncluttered dashboard layout with a view of all (control) functions
  • Excellent view of the mast when using a standard mast or a mast with free lift
  • Very short turning radius

In addition, the electric forklifts have the following characteristics:

  • Use of high quality ZAPI and SME brand electronics
  • Very powerful drive motors
  • Energy-efficient AC motors (AC technology)
  • Wet brakes
  • High precision control handles
  • Unique placement of the battery in the rear of the truck so that it can be changed easily


Raniero produces a number of forklifts in a standard version. In addition, Raniero can manufacture any forklift according to specific customer requirements. For this purpose, Raniero offers a complete range of options.

Some options are:

  • Cushion- or solid rubber tires
  • Any kind of factory-assembled forklift attachment
  • Differing and exceptional width, length and height dimensions for special applications (such as container handling forklifts)
  • Complete cabins with air conditioning and camera systems (also for reverse movement)
  • Special masts (such as quadro masts)

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