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Purchase & rent

At E. Gent Forklift Rental BV you can both purchase and rent high capacity electric forklifts. Currently, we have about 60 high capacity electric and specialised forklifts in our rental fleet. E. Gent Forklift Rental BV is the right place for renting a forklift just for one day and for a longer period of time!

Examples of trucks which are currently part of our fleet are:

  • Several forklifts with high lift heights
  • Several container handling forklifts
  • 10,000 kg electric forklifts with a lift height of 8800 mm (quadro mast)
  • LPG forklifts with specific properties (exceptional length and width)

Maintenance & Service

In addition to renting forklifts we also provide the maintenance of our forklift fleet. Our skilled technicians, who have been trained at the factory in Italy, provide service throughout the whole country. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. In addition, we offer the possibility to maintain your internal material handling equipment.

Obviously, the availability of spare parts is an important issue. In most cases, the hired and purchased forklifts are used in locations where machine downtime should be minimized. In our spare parts warehouse in Wijchen we have the most critical parts in stock. If the spare part is out of stock we can have it delivered from Italy within 24 hours.

We always have a similar truck at our disposal in case maintenance takes more time than estimated. We can provide a forklift during the time of maintenance or in case of forklift repair, so you can continue working.

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